Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking Further Out...

The skateboarding in Stockton is way bigger than this website, it's way bigger than the people we hang out with and the people we meet at the parks. There are kids out there getting good outside of parks and killing it ag legitimate street spots. There are a couple kids killing it out on the southside. No access to the skateparks... no problem.

It's just rain...

I went out and hung out with some friends today. I didn't do much skating myself but these guys definitely made the most out of the day that was provided. Yes its true that the rain can put a damper on a good sesh, but then again its just skateboarding right? Here are some flicks from an eventful yet uneventful day.

Some really good stuff actually went down,
but I'm not tellin...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Slip week continues

In honor of Slip Skate Shop's re-opening I decided to take some random clips of skating and falling and screwing around and un-edit them to be posted the way they happened.

Check out the roughly 6 minutes of what the Slip guys consider throwaway footage. (Don't worry, some of it's still good and at some point you'll probably laugh)


Raw garbage from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


As you may have noticed the blog title bar looks a little different. In honor of Slip's reopening today, the bar will be that way all week long. Whether you agree or disagree with the endorsement, it's hard to disagree with 12 long years of business; 12 years battling with the likes of Copeland's, other privately owned shops, and recently those god awful mall shops. Eric Torres has dedicated a large portion of his lifetime serving the skateboarders of Stockton, CA. I for one am adamantly appreciative of this service.

Just in case you forgot....

This little project is still in the works.

The Great Disaster Promo: Slip Skate Shop Video #2 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Riding Shotgun with Riding Shotgun?

Yup.... That dude Kenny is weird. Really weird.

If you have ever thought about lifted trucks, wikka, the marines, or cocaine in the same day, then you might relate to Kenny Osborne. I definitely do not relate to this man in that way. Then again I really don't understand the way he just makes shit up on a skateboard. I've had a lot of talks with Kenny, and he told me he doesn't really think about the tricks he is doing until its too late and they're happening. Sounds dangerous. Kenny is spontaneous, random, and a natural talent at almost anything he tries; its obvious his skateboarding reflects that...

This is also the Riding Shotgun debut for Nick Crisosto. Nick and Myself did nearly all of the filming for the first slip video, "Crying Kids and Man Hammers." Nick was supposed to edit the first video, but left to serve our country in Iraq. Nick is a genius editor/ filmer and it is a treat to have this dude contributing to the site. Buy Nick a couple beers and you might even meet rick.

One more note.

Kenny decided to do this project before going to work. One day. One Session. One Crappy 2 Hour Camera Battery.


Kenny O says so from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Riding Shotgun with Terry Silasack

Not much to say except that Terry is a skateboard beast.

This was all filmed intermittently with trips out of town and to street spots to film his video part. This is practically a video part in itself!

However, I must say, as good as the skateboarding in this video is....it is just a tiny portion of whats to come in his GREAT DISASTER video part due to drop in about half a year.

Enjoy this video and keep supporting local skateboarding!

Terry Silasack is the Shotgun Jockey from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Daniel Brooks In the Month of October/ December

As we all know the winter season has hit us hard. Therefore, updates are not going to come as fast as they used to. Cold weather, Rain, and Early Dusks are always hard to cope with. Then again this is California so how can we complain? We'll Daniel Brooks has made it clear that the weather wasn't going to get the best of him. Max is dressed up like daffy duck, though i thought he was a penis at first. I guess I'm a little bit of a pervert then.

Daniel has put out a lot material this year, and for that I thank him mucho! Dude has a great line in this video too!

and oh yeah.... Terry's RS is done.

If you see Kenny O harass and him and tell him to post it already.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ivyn keeps it coming

Ivyn has been producing a lot of footy in the last couple months. He kinda crept out of nowhere and has become a pretty constant contributor to the gun. I've said it once and i'll say it again. Ivyn is one of the most respectful skateboarders in the city. That type of thing is what its all about! thanks again Ivyn.

Needless Photos

I've been taking quite a few photos lately... so I figured I'd put them up for shits and giggles.oh yeah... Kenny O is probably going to be handling a lot more things for the site.

Jesse is Silly?

I don't know, I've never seen it....However, I am psyched to see how good he's getting.....this shit is spanos hotness! Thanks to D Brooks again for holdin The Shotty down!

Some Lathrop Clips from D Brooks

The big Lathrop skatepark comp came and went and it was nuts! Big turnout and lots of support for the new skatepark? plaza? Whatever it is, can't wait to see it! Anyways, D. Brooks was there with the cammy rollin, cappin clips as they came....this is what he's got.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Halloween with the SlipMOB

Halloween came and went and some people went to parties, some went trick or treating, some dressed all crazy and some stayed in and chose not to participate.

A couple of Slip guys had been talking about their costumes weeks, even months before the day. In the aforementioned conversations they all talked about parties, shows, and other fun things to do in costume on the night of Halloween.

The ideas these guys had for costumes seemed almost too good to waste on a random party, so they decided to make the event a little more memorable doing what we all love....


Moving around in these costumes was hot, tiring, difficult, but mostly....fun. ENJOY!

Halloween with SlipMob from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lurking Around Town

Taylor picked up a hand held "flip" camera a couple of months ago. He usually sets it up in some really obscure area and so no one knows its running. This is Taylor lurking at his finest! Edited by Kenny O!

Lurkin209 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dylan Darby

I'm sure most of you around town have either noticed a lack of Dylan's presence or have just heard about the kid and his regularly injured body. I mean, the kid filmed half his SLIP video part hurt so I know you may not have thought much of it.

However, Dylan was out for awhile with serious injuries this time, he was en-casted by the ceres skatepark on Go Skate Day and upon healing from that he was struck by a car while riding a dirt-bike. All the while the deadline for filming the next SLIP video (see The Great Disaster) has been looming while the rest of the SLIP team has been steady stacking.

Dylan's first day back showed everyone that the kid's abilities and confidence are not shaken in the slightest, this is some throwaway stuff that he got while on the mission to get the goods.

Dylan is back from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Manny Mania 09

A couple months back Kingpin Skate Shop along with The Company, and American Icon got together and hosted a Maniacal Manny Masterpiece! They built a couple little boxes and had some crazy set ups for combos and such. A good two-wheeled time was had by all!

The little guys division went to Steffan Moussa with a nosemanny blunt and nosemanny front blunt thrown down on the A-frame. Pretty beastly. The big boys game went to Mark Dillon for his overall de-construction of the course with two wheels tied behind his back. Best trick had Randy Leal doin a halfcab nosemanny pivot to switch manny on the A-frame in a dance move shuffle that made everyone scratch their heads.

Shit went off, money got won, boards got got, and tech deck pinatas are whats up!

Oh yeah! Riding Shotgun was there and didn't feel like filming but did anyways so don't complain that we missed something and be glad you get coverage at all! PEACE!

Manny Mania 09 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Raise Hell 3!!

So the footage from Raise Hell 3 at the ranch, (held in June) in Escalon is finally posted! Dylan made it in the footage early on with a bigflip (@1:17) and Kenny got some slams in the intro and a few makes near the end (@3:59) All in all it was a great contest, with a great atmosphere and can't wait to go back next year!

The bowl contest was posted as well under Ricky Flip's youtube account found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/rickyflip

Both contest videos made it to lowcard's website and is worth checking out here: http://lowcardmag.com/

Local shit like this is off the hook! Hope tomorrow's event can go off similarly to this!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ivyn's Halloween Treat

Ivyn is probably one of the nicest dudes in the Stockton skate scene. Always cordial, always smiling, and always letting everyone know they're killing it. Ivyn has also been contributing quite a bit as of late, which just gives him more points on the nice guy list. Watch, learn, enjoy, and maybe even smile; like Ivyn would.

50 to hippie? 50 to jam? DOPE!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Alright folks. There is seriously no option here. Whether you intend on skating it or not, EVERYONE MUST GO TO THIS. You see the city of lathrop is thinking about putting up a new skate plaza. If the city thinks there is enough support at this benefit then we will have a new skate plaza just minutes away. I don't know about you but i'm tired of having to drive to ripon to enjoy some quality concrete. Biggups to Ray for this awesome opportunity


Congrats Mr. Laniohan, well deserved.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Riding Shotgun With Max Tokunaga

I first met Max Tokunaga through Daniel Brooks a little over half a year ago. I remember thinking,"Damn, who the shit is this dude? Where did he come from?" This guy was finding all kinds of new lines a Spanos that I had never seen anyone come up with, and he immediately got my attention. Since then I always look forward to seeing Max skating around town, and hoped to do a riding shotgun with him in the future.

We finally got our shit together after long debates, out of town filming trips, self imposed procrastination, and video format problems. Most of the problems were again self imposed, but without further ado; RIDING SHOTGUN WITH MAX TOKUNAGA!

Ant is an Icon

Who knew how sick Anthony Laniohan was? Oh, everyone? Tight.

Long hair, don't care, rides for American Icon, The Company, and Kingpin.

Watch this and pretend you can do any of it with the style and ease that Ant's got.

Anthony Laniohan American icon wheel company from kingpinss on Vimeo.

Terry from 2006

I'm gonna be real wit' ya'll for a minute here. This video put Terry on my radar when I saw it. I randomly caught this on one of those "you might wanna watch" on youtube and I saw major potential in this kid. The smith 180s, wallride downtown, and ollie over the garbage can made me think he was gonna be sick.

Nowadays, I get my feelings hurt daily by Terry's skateboarding. No matter where we go people take notice and I'm proud to say that he's from Stockton, CA and watch the fuck out for his next vid part droppin in the summer.

Hail Skatan Terry!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Some Tricks With Music In The Background

Okay, so I get this call from Will. Will tells me... Dude I'm tired of filming I QUIT! I really didn't know how to respond. So then he tells me that he put up a video on vimeo and that he was kinda over trying to put out an entire video part. I told him I'd check it out and eventually put it up for everyone to see. He told me, "I really hope your aren't expecting much. It's just some tricks with music in the background."

First off, Will is one of the humblest dudes around. I've been skating quite a bit with this guy lately. Its never about filming a trick or doing something to get sponsored. Its just about having fun.

....he also happens to be able to do any trick he wants.

AY...its me.. from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daniel Brooks brings the hurt

His October montage is the stuff made from awesome. Every time I see D-brooks in the field with his camera out, I know some good shit is gonna happen. Watch his montage and tell us how great he is.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The First Riding Shotgun Montage

Filmed and edited entirely by the guys who bring you riding shotgun.

There's a whole bunch of locals in here and a few guys we ran into on our skate journeys. Look for yourself in here and if you didn't make this one, hit us up! Get yourself out there and skate with us! Or just start contributing, we're all about you guys and we want you to be about us.

Support Local Skateboarding!

Riding Shotgun Montage from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Manilla Montage

Ivynn sent this over to me via myspace. Homie videos are always the tightest!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Brandon Getty Photo

Geo Brooks Photo

Alexis Roldan

I haven't known Alexis too long, but I can say that the kid is definitely has all the makings of a legit skaterat. When I first met this kid he was on right away. He came up to me and asked, "Your riding shotgun right," This dude is up on all the local skaters, and looks up to them rather than the big professional names that are so often looked up to. The best part about this kid is that he is only 10 I believe (If I'm wrong I apologize!!!!). He is already taking snaps and video too.

So for all you dudes out there just peeping the site from the outside... You should be looking up to this kid. He's more likely younger than you and contributing the website. Kids young but he has a bright future in the scene!




Monday, September 21, 2009

Anthony Laniohan @ the SF Library Comp

Less than five minutes ago, I posted Ant's OIAM. I get online and see he has a trick in this 48 blocks montage... RAW!

Library Recap from 48BLOCKS.COM on Vimeo.


The Tokunaga Twist

Max is personally one of my favorite skateboarders to watch in town. This dude really does wreck mini-ramps with an array of both skilled and awkward maneuvers. This is just one of them!


Anthony Laniohan's OIAM Entry

For those of you who are not familar with Slap Magazine's One In a million contest,It is a video contest for the average joe schmoe to post up a video in hopes of being selected to go on a road trip and eventually be chosen to get free gear for a year.

This video was Laniohan's entry. This year was a surprisingly good year for the 209. Alex Lopez made the honorable mention montage, and Schuyler Ricketts, Chuy Madrgrigal, and Adam Emery made it to the finals. You can acutally vote on those dudes vids on slapmagazine.com right now!!!


antohan from Allen Busenitz on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kenny Osborne's Throwaway Footage

Kenny Osborne is the type of skateboarder that will get footage no matter where you skate. Anytime we go to a spot it is almost a certainty that he is leaving with a clip. Because of this, the footage stacks up quickly. This is just a bunch of stuff that will not make the next slip video.

Kenny Osborne's Throwaway Footy from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

The Stagg Rail is No Joke...

Did you hit your nuts? Yeah a little bit....

no joke.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Manny Mania

Better sign up soon. Two age divisions, and plenty of potential for something gnarly. You have to at least attend to see what obstacle Ray and company come up with. $5 to enter, winner walks away with a $100 and product. Best trick walks away with $50 courtesy of American Icon Wheel Co. Yet another well put together event by the good folks at Kingpin.

Don't sleep on this!!! Sign up Today!

FIGHT THE RECESSION! get them shoes for that pro price!




"All pairs of shoes now

40 DOLLARS! + tax

Majority of shoes here are more than 40 dollars. ALL styles from

and Emerica

You cant beat that bro! HURRY HERE NOW while supplies last!!




Monday, August 24, 2009


This montage was pretty entertaining. Daniel Brooks has officially locked down Stockton as the guy to see about filming. The guy has really put up a lot of work and is quickly establishing pretty impressive portfolio.

This montage has all the and up and coming heads as well as a few of the OG's. In my humble opinion Tyler may have had the trick of the montage. That dude seriously killed of the lincoln chain. How the hell do you do that???? Nate Heselton's hardflip bs 5-0 was pretty impressive as well.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jesse Vieira @ Epic Skatepark: Gatorade Freeflow Contest

Jesse was telling me awhile back that he'd participated at a contest at the epic skatepark. I was a little surprised when i watched this footy, because I've never seen Jesse skate any type of hubba (pre-fab or not). No matter what, Jesse is usually pretty impressive to watch whether it be on a ledge, stairs, rail etc.

Thanks again to Daniel Brooks for the footy!
speaking of D. Brooks, a riding shotgun part is in the works with Daniel's homie Max. If you don't know who max is, I tell you the dude is super impressive. We should have that riding shotgun section up and live pretty soon!

BACK TO THE BUSINESS AT HAND... Jesse rips, he's doing his thing at epic, enjoy!

Oh yeah, I was doing some searching on the internet and found this.... I so stoked right now!!!! I know you guys didn't forget about this.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Riding Shotgun with Jeremiah Kamstra

This guy has been killing it this year. The little dude has footage from almost everyone! Now the dude is getting it in with a full-on video part? Rumor also has it that the guy is next in line to join the ranks at the Daily Grind. ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday, I would jerk this dude around and make him charge my camera equipment, and now the dude is getting a part. Aside from skateboarding, Jeremiah is great human being as is always all smiles. You don't need much more than that in life! Riding Shotgun proudly presents.... RIDING SHOTGUN WITH JEREMIAH KAMSTRA!

Riding Shotgun With Jeremiah Kamstra from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Congrats to Anthony Laniohan!

I've been telling you guys this entire year that Ant Laniohan is the dude to watch out for this year. Congrats to Anthony for winning The Lord of the Lines Contest in Tracy on Saturday. From what I hear, Anthony won the comp with a line that included a nosegrind nollie flip, bs crook, and a fs 5-o to switch crook, cab out!

I expect big things from A. Laniohan in 09!

oh yeah...

Honorable mention to riding shotgun co-captain Kenny Osborne for snagging an unofficial third place at the lord of the lines contest. Another honorable mention goes out to Jesse Viera who snagged a second place finish in his division.

you can check footage from Anthony, Kenny, and Jesse.

Click the names and check the footy!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Riding Shotgun With Austin Teczon

I can honestly say this has been the most exciting project to work on so far. When filming for any type of skateboarding, it's usually synonymous with stress and lots of similar things that result in anger. With Austin, not so much. This kid showed up to the park with a smile from ear to ear, and a trick bag deeper than people twice his age. This kid has it all; trick selection, spot selection, attitude, and charisma. WE PRESENT TO YOU.... RIDING SHOTGUN WITH AUSTIN TECZON!

Riding Shotgun With Austin Teczon from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Daily Grind Video

It must be video season in stockton, because we got another trailer out! The daily grind released this trailer for their very first video project, entitled, "The Daily Grind Video." There are going to be some bangers going down for sure. Still looking forward to parts from Jimmy Firestone and Nate Heselton myself. I'm sure everybody has some quality footy coming out!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Riding Shotgun With Austin Teczon Coming Soon

As we speak, we have another edit in the works! We finished filming with Austin this week and we are in the process of putting the edit together. By far, I must say that this has been the most exciting project to work on. Austin just keeps progressing every single day. The best part is he progresses as both a skateboarder and a person. If you want to see one of the best attitudes in skateboarding, hang out with austin for a day. We should have little dudes part up by next week!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Slip Skate Shop @ Mather Field

The homies from slipmob got together and took a trip out to Mather Field. It was actually one of the more fun trips I've been on in awhile. Everybody got footy, everybody was chill and no one freaked out. Can't ask for much more in a day of skateboarding. Oh yeah, Jeremiah Kamstra aka lindsey lohan aka jer aka jerry aka jer bear aka dirty dome piece aka sunshine aka little scummy bastard came along for the trip!

Riding Shotgun At Matherfield from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


After less than a year's time vacation, Slip Skate Shop is already at it with another full length video project. This time they are calling it, "The Great Disaster." The title of video was chosen for more than the obvious reason. We all know about the disaster that occurred at the shop. Believe it or not, there were a couple of books that made it through the smoke and water damage; the holy bible, some miscellaneous porn, and a book entitled The Great Disaster. That's pretty weird if you ask me. Anyways here is the trailer. I can say that everyone already has filmed something better than their last ender, so this next video is gonna be epic.

The Great Disaster Promo: Slip Skate Shop Video #2 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Later this week I will release the trailer for the new slip skate shop video which is already dude sometime next year. I've played a big part in making both videos come together, and I must say that this video already trumps Crying Kids and Man Hammers.


trailer will be up soon!


There is a couple videos we have edited already, and a ton of footage that still needs to be edited. I got videos on the way, watch out for em!!!!

Daniel Brooks does it again!

These almost weekly videos from Daniel are always a treat to watch. Jer, Daniel, Max, and Jesse terrorize Sac Town's parks. There are some pretty lengthy lines in this vid so pay attention!

sac trip from Daniel Brooks on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clifford Riberal Officially on TDG

The Daily Grind team has been picking up in numbers over the last year or so. They've been picking up guys left and right in preparation for their new video which doesn't have a release date yet. TDG's latest addition is steez machine Clifford Riberal. I've seen Clifford develop really fast over the last year or so. Both his style and confidence on a skateboard has really come along. Now the dude is officially backed by Bill and the guys at The Daily Grind. Here is the welcome video:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Local Footy Just Keeps on Coming

Man this guy is at a video a month now! I proudly present another Daniel Brooks video. This dude is easily becoming one of the best dudes out. His production quality, filming, and consistency is really coming along. Enjoy!

July from Daniel Brooks on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Takem to Chuuuccchhh!

This is some footage we stacked from the last rainy season. Thanks to Victory Outreach church for opening the doors to their private skate park. There are quite a few people in this montage almost too many to name. Enjoy the footage and thanks to Toby at Victory Outreach!

Taking em to chuuuuch! from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy Last couple of Days

There are some things I just can't keep on the hush, hush for long. First off, Anthony Laniohan is a beast! The dude is just stackin footage faster than I can edit. There MIGHT be another section with him coming very soon.

Also... The new hot spot in Stockton has to be the shop. Stevie Cookston has been a big part of the Stockton scene for a long time now. Now the dude has a warehouse with some smooth groud and some interesting stuff to skate. I will have a section on the shop soon. Vince Salvi hosts that section!

Also I've spoke with Matt Searcy, Eddie Villa, Stevie Cookston, and Nate Heselton about shooting future projects, and I'm pretty sure they are all in. I skated with Eddie the other day and dude kills it, but really hates when i point the camera at him.

Also a day in the life of Brandon Getty is coming sooner than you think.

Kenny Osborne is working on some new edits that should be out shortly.

The next video online should be some type of montage so keep an eye out!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

PHOTO: Brandon Getty

see more at:


This is a really good montage. This is some really good footage of people I really like watching. There's a little Jesse Viera, Jeremiah Camstra, Eli Wengren, Max (don't know that fools last name), and D. Brooks himself. I actually make a one trick cameo too. kinda psyched I can't lie, thanks Daniel. Watch this folks its really really good.

All I can say about this is... COT DAMN THIS IS ENTERTAINING!

If you don't know Levonte. I really feel for you. Please go ahead and get to know this dude because he is a hella good skateboarder, and a way tighter person. Just watch this shit... its really good... that's all I can say. Thanks to Francis for capturing Levonte's soul on film!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jesse Viera

I get the chance to skate with this kid a lot. It's always pretty mind blowing to watch this kid. His trick selection and his style are always a treat to watch. Then you realize that he's only 14. This is a bunch of footage that I filmed with Jesse a couple weeks ago. hope you guys enjoy.

Jesse Viera from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Geo Brooks

Geo moved from the bay a couple of years ago, and has quickly become a well known and respected person in Stockton's skate scene. Geo is always ready and willing to snap and has a great attitude about life and skateboarding. Geo told me he was into the blog and wanted to get some stuff going asap...

Here it is folks, the photos of Mr. Geo Brooks


Kingpin Memorial Day Contest

Riding Shotgun contributor Daniel Brooks is already a go! He put together this edit from the Kingpin contest. Dude has real high quality stuff. If you need to get some filming done, I'd recommend getting at this kid asap. He has the eye and the gear to get some epic shit going!

Kingpin skate comp 2009 from Daniel Brooks on Vimeo.

FILM CREDIT: Daniel Brooks

Don't really have to report this but...

It was on TV, I'm pretty sure it was in the paper this morning, and your grandma probably asked you about it. Yes it is true that Slip Skate Shop burned down on Friday, but I've talked to Eric a lot since everything happened and Slip will be reopened. No rumors, no bullshit getting started here. Earlier this week Eric left this message on myspace:

"Thanks to Everybody for the kind words and concern for me And Slip.
We will relocate ASAP, Slip will FOR SURE re-open but maybe in a different location.
I have a bunch of New stuff coming in next week, Decks etc..so it may be possible to get(sell) you guys stuff from another temporary location.
I will keep everybody up to speed here on myspace as soon as I start to figure stuff out.


Slip is still here, and If anyone wants to get a board from Slip and support Eric during this crazy time, Message me on Myspace and I'll see if we can get you some gear to support a shop that has been a huge part of the local skate scene for a long long time.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nick Johnson Ready to Ride Shotty?

Alright exciting news ladies and gents. I get a call from the Danger Ras and he tells me that he and Nick J were talking about the site. That in itself is pretty dope! Not only that, but Nick said he feels like people think he's done, dead, not skating, whatevs. SOOOO! Vince Tells me that Nick wants to put together a section for Riding Shotgun. I'm psyched,and after reading this you should be too!

Had to post this and get the hype going....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Back Danger Ras!

After a couple gnarly health issues, Vince Salvi is back on a board. Anyone who knows about Vince, knows He's been at the top of the food chain for a couple years now. Hands down, Vince has been the guy to get the most national attention in Stockton. Not only is the dude a great skateboarder, but an even cooler guy in person.

Vince has been on the blog for a second, and asked me if I just wanted to swing by and film for a day wit him. Naturally, the answer was yes. The next following day, Vince, Ant Laniohan, Mike V, and Myself went out for a full day of filming. This is a day with Vince; Chill vibes, Natty Ice, and some dope skateboarding.

Welcome Back Danger Ras! from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Wait is over. After weeks and weeks of waiting, the first 100% original content is available for release. If your from Stockton and you skate, you definitely know who Anthony Laniohan is! Anthony is without a doubt one of the most talented and consistently technical skateboarders this city has ever seen. Enough talk, the wait is over.

Riding Shotgun With Anthony Laniohan from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.


Now that Riding Shotgun is slowly catching the attention of the local skateboarding scene, It is time to present you the audience with 100% original online programming.

Since the beginning, Riding Shotgun's aim was to provide a medium for skateboarders to be seen by their peers, and showcase the talent that does exist in this small but growing community. In a time when rumors, shop politics, and he said she said steadily ruin what we are cultivating in our city; Riding Shotgun strives to do whats good for skateboarding in the city of Stockton.

Swollen with pride, I proudly announce the websites first original segment. After what seems like years of hard work and under appreciation, Anthony Laniohan steps forward for the websites first segment, "Riding Shotgun With Anthony Laniohan."

The video should be up and running within the next 48 hours, and we hope you enjoy it. Anthony is a Killer, so the video can only be epic.

Jonathon "Bighead" Rezonable

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will Is On Point!

The footage keeps on coming! Will just keeps churning em out folks. As long as he makes them, I'm going to keep giving the dude his hype! Tune in folks...

sf trip from BOOMBOOMkadut on

gangsta lean from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.


Little by little, local skateboarding just gets better because of posts like this!

Alex Lopez for American Icon

When He's not running Kingpin, Ray also has a wheel company he is running in his free time. So far I've ridden the wheels on a couple guys boards and I can say they are pretty solid wheels.

As for the team riders, Ray has already picked up Joey Johnson and Alex Lopez. Alex is quick to the trigger with this promo. Some of the footage might look a little familiar, but Alex keeps the high quality footage coming.

Alex Lopez American icon wheel co. May 2009 from kingpinss on Vimeo.

Stefan Janoski Kills off Stockton In One Trick

We'll it looks like Stefan Janoski kills off Stockton's gnarliests spot in throw away footage. That kinda sucks. Peep the Waterfront rail in the footy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucky Bastard!

Getty and Cards at Wallenberg!

He's Not a Stockton Loc, but dude has been a homie for a second

Most of the older dudes from stockton have an Apollo Story. Apollo Cutts is one of the most talented charismatic dudes I've ever come across on my skateboard. He's a real fun dude to be around and this is why...

Now you all will have an Apollo Story...

Lurk Hard with the Lurk-Cam part 2 from LURK HARD on Vimeo.

More Spanos Footy

Will has been killing it on the footage game lately, and supplies us with some mo of it! Levonte was in town last weekend and it was just mania the entire time. This switch back 3 bomb is proof. Also some bangers from Will and Jerry. Enjoy!

levonte wanted footy from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.

Here are some photos from Levonte's visit from Brandon Getty!

Anthony Laniohan Makes it onto Transworld Skateboading's Website

Photo credit: Jason Darneal

This is a little bit of old news, but it is really great to see some Stockton guys getting national attention. If any young guy in Stockton truly deserves any type of media attention it is definitely Anthony. If you haven't seen this guy do his thing on the board prepare yourself!

Later on this week I will post some brand new original footage. It will be the first official Riding Shotgun episode....


I just got done filming with him today, and needless to say, its going to be epic!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jerry Gets Hairy

This is my little dude right here man. I can honestly say this little dude gives me a reason to get stoked at least once a day. Jerry kills it daily with a crazy board control, steez that gets better everyday, and an even better attitude.

Be on the watchout!


heres a taste of what the kid has brewing.

jer-rie-my-uh from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.

Extended Bangin

Last month I posted a couple videos of Bangins from the last "Bang Yo Self," contest. Kenny Osborne spent three days filming with the homie Allen Bounsouk to produce the bangin that was shown on The Myberrics website. This is the same footage from the berrics with some bonus stuff and some pimp type shit. Roll that bitch!

Extended Bangin from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Back to the Berg

Kenny O, Chris Wilson, Taylor Williams, and Austin Teczon decided to the SF day trip thing and go watch the mayhem at Wallenberg. There is a couple tricks that didn't make Thrashers' final edit. From what I here Jake Phelps was on full dick mode. If you weren't a big name you pretty much got hated on. Here is the clip. Credit Kenny O for the edit and film. Check Jamie Thomas' boots... dude was ready to jump.

Back to the Berg 2009 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Joe Rosa does rides the gun Switch

Alright, short story for everybody out there. So Chris Wilson's homie, Joe Rosa, comes down to the valley with out a board. Soooo, Chris just sets up some jank set-up with a bunch of pretty burly pieces. of all things to skate on a jank set-up Joe goes and skates this set. Not only does he skate it, but he charges this thing switch!

CLACK CLACK! kid rides the shotgun... SWITCH!

Joe Rosa rides shotguns switch from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stockton Is Mad Educated These Days

For all of your gromulates out there, I decided I was going to spread some knowledge. I do that everyday, but I said hey, "lets spread some of that edumacation for these little dudes." Here is a couple pieces of film that should get you on your way to Getty bonks, gold chains, and Master Iyvnson flips.
roll the first clip!

This first one is from Andre. I have to be honest, I don't know much about this Andre dude, but everyone says he's a ripper. I'm going to have to take there word for it. Andre teaches you how to nollie hardflip, accumulate automobiles and fallacious women.

In this next clip, Eli, Jesse, and some other dudes teach you how to get nose bonking. If your from out north, the kids really don't even call'em nose bonks anymore they call em Getty bonks... listen!

next up is Ivyn, most of yall know bout that dude already.

Lastly is my dude upgrade. You guys seen the bangin so you know he got some shit. I'm really looking foward to this dudes part in the upcoming Kingpin video. I know I said that before, but I am really looking forward to see him open up the bag. I've heard a couple rumors of tricks in his part but I'm going to keep that mega hush!

"third step go to kingin." good stuff. Dude used big pun at the end.... priceless

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Future is Bright and Bangin

It's always a breath of fresh air to see some footage from really young guys, really killing it. Stockton has some really brilliant kids, so I decided to put together this post in honor of these little rippers.

First off you should know that this footage is over a year old. Second you should know that the ender was first try, or so at least I hear. Mervyn is definitely one of Stockton's up and comers and actually received an honorable mention from The Berrics for this short video effort:

Find more videos like this on My Berrics

This next video is from Purple Kid. I know his name is Saul, but he will forever be called Purple Kid. This kid actually used to hang around Slip a lot and not really do anything except have purple hair. So that makes the name purple kid pretty self explanatory. To my surprise the kid has turned out to be quite the shredder. I'll let the footy do the rest of the talking:

Find more videos like this on My Berrics

I don't know if you would call this last guy a "little dude," but when he filmed this part he was definitely fit the mold. I actually had the honor of watching this kid progress and it's been nothing short of amazing. Lately I've shot with Austin, and I can tell you that your all in for a treat when his next video part drops. So with this next clip, go ahead and watch the style and trick selection, then realize that he is like 12 in this footage... scary! Here is Austin in Crying Kids and Man Hammers:

Austin Teczons mini masher part from CK&MH from SlipMOB on Vimeo.

Some old Stuff

This looks like a pretty old edit from tony and crew. If you have ever seen Tony, Will, and Dave at the spanos park, you know some epic shit goes down without a cammy. This footage is about a year old and still pretty relevant.

and the next clip:

If you didn't see the slip video, then you may not know too much about this guy. In the video he shared a part with Taylor Williams (that dude is like my brother mang!) and it was his introduction to the team. I guess Chris (THE HILLTOP VATO) didn't think Kenny's edit was good enough so he did his own interpretation. To be fair i guess there is some new clips in there as well. (Chris knows I'm just playing with him... )Chris also learns to skate wierd shit really easy. He is super tech and you think he isn't down to skate a wall or a pole jam and he does some shit to really eff with your head....

next clip

Wow i haven't watched this part in a long time! Though the title is "Promo D," this footage was actually from the local video "Sacrifice." I still have this joint on DVD, and Vince actually skated to RUSH! The latest footage from this video has to be 2003. Vince is a straight Stockton OG, and one of the first local dudes to get hooked up from a major board company... TURFS UP! Vince is a great skateboarder, and just as great of a human being.

I can't remember the name of the morman kid who filmed this video... I just remember he was the nicest asshole I've ever met in my life.