Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Future is Bright and Bangin

It's always a breath of fresh air to see some footage from really young guys, really killing it. Stockton has some really brilliant kids, so I decided to put together this post in honor of these little rippers.

First off you should know that this footage is over a year old. Second you should know that the ender was first try, or so at least I hear. Mervyn is definitely one of Stockton's up and comers and actually received an honorable mention from The Berrics for this short video effort:

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This next video is from Purple Kid. I know his name is Saul, but he will forever be called Purple Kid. This kid actually used to hang around Slip a lot and not really do anything except have purple hair. So that makes the name purple kid pretty self explanatory. To my surprise the kid has turned out to be quite the shredder. I'll let the footy do the rest of the talking:

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I don't know if you would call this last guy a "little dude," but when he filmed this part he was definitely fit the mold. I actually had the honor of watching this kid progress and it's been nothing short of amazing. Lately I've shot with Austin, and I can tell you that your all in for a treat when his next video part drops. So with this next clip, go ahead and watch the style and trick selection, then realize that he is like 12 in this footage... scary! Here is Austin in Crying Kids and Man Hammers:

Austin Teczons mini masher part from CK&MH from SlipMOB on Vimeo.

Some old Stuff

This looks like a pretty old edit from tony and crew. If you have ever seen Tony, Will, and Dave at the spanos park, you know some epic shit goes down without a cammy. This footage is about a year old and still pretty relevant.

and the next clip:

If you didn't see the slip video, then you may not know too much about this guy. In the video he shared a part with Taylor Williams (that dude is like my brother mang!) and it was his introduction to the team. I guess Chris (THE HILLTOP VATO) didn't think Kenny's edit was good enough so he did his own interpretation. To be fair i guess there is some new clips in there as well. (Chris knows I'm just playing with him... )Chris also learns to skate wierd shit really easy. He is super tech and you think he isn't down to skate a wall or a pole jam and he does some shit to really eff with your head....

next clip

Wow i haven't watched this part in a long time! Though the title is "Promo D," this footage was actually from the local video "Sacrifice." I still have this joint on DVD, and Vince actually skated to RUSH! The latest footage from this video has to be 2003. Vince is a straight Stockton OG, and one of the first local dudes to get hooked up from a major board company... TURFS UP! Vince is a great skateboarder, and just as great of a human being.

I can't remember the name of the morman kid who filmed this video... I just remember he was the nicest asshole I've ever met in my life.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brandon Getty is Hella Raw

I don't know if you have ever spoken to Brandon Getty personally but that dude is an angry man. There is all types of aggression and misplaced rage in that 6 foot slender frame. I decided to do a double feature on this dude too. If you don't know by now, Brandon is currently attending UC Santa Cruz and putting a little more focus on his future. That fool is a Banana Slug. I'm a Bulldog so I guess I make that dude look Hella gay. Sorry lost my focus there, Brandon is still a beast on a skateboard and definitely still part of the Slip Skate Shop family. Even after skating with this dude so much it's very easy to describe the experience as amazing! ROLL THE CLIPS!

derby derb der de d from brandon getty on Vimeo.

So this first clip was a little bit of footage from Brandon out at the legendary derby park in SC. Fun park to say the least. The other darker toned human being is Sean (or shawn, or shean, or shhhh-hawn I don't know how dude spells his name... actually let me check... I was right SEAN!) and he rips too.

This next clip is pretty old though, Brandon is going to be bummed I posted it.

Okay so the date on this is December 12, 2006. I'm trying to tell you guys that Getty is a bad man. So do me a favor, go there and skate that spot and go to those tables. Those wooden ass tables. Go there and get scared to try the bs nosegrind bs 180 out. Then feel bad because Brandon did that shit over two years ago.

Brandon Getty...

Thats a bad man ladies and gentlemen

oh yeah, and check his blog out too. Its in the links to the right. Click Shooting Daggers for more gnar for your buck! or actually poetry for your buck but whatevs.

Double Feature

Alright so I've been posting a bunch of dudes that are already sponsored and ready to blow up. Whatevs... seriously I created this site for dudes like this! I'm very excited to present Eli and Daniel. Daily Grind, Slip Skate Shop, Kingpin.... Keep an eye out on these kids. Good filmmakers, up and coming skateboarders, and spots for days. These videos are refreshing to say the least.

I don't know if anyone has been paying attention to this Eli kid but damn! everything looks fun and easy, and i dare you to try that 50 on that rail he did at the end and get your grill busted.

Check these guys out and enjoy the double feature! Credits to Daniel and Eli on these vids.

Fuckin annoying from Daniel Brooks on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Grind Promo Video

The newest local skate shop, The Daily Grind, released this short promo video for an upcoming full length video. If you haven't heard yet, Lifeline Skateboards rider Matt Searcy has been added to The Daily Grind roster. On the other hand, their rider Josh has been let go after an undisclosed incident.

This team has a bunch of guys I really like hanging out with. Ivyn Taasin is really good dude to hang out with except I have the same effect on him as Mexican food. Dude always just gets lazy around me, it's comedy. Oh yeah, Nate Heselton is pretty talented dude, thats my little dude for sure! And if you're looking for a sesh with good vibes, Grom status ripper Brandeno Adams is always down to skate and shock you with some shit you didn't know he had...


Travis Daniel Hall aka Trav D

If you never got a chance to see Travis skate, you missed out on something amazing. On the day of Travis' funeral I had a conversation with Kenny Osborne and he said it best. He said that the people who really paid attention to the local skate scene knew about Travis, and clearly recognized him as one of the cities best skateboarders.

He is of the best rippers Stockton has EVER had to offer. I'm around the same age as Travis and I always looked up to this guy on a skateboard. Big ups to Ryan Garcia for this tat, and my condolences go out to all of Travis' family and friends.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still Shots From the Slip Video

I recently did some work for slip skate shop, and I had to take a couple stills from the video. They turned out pretty interesting so I figured I'd release a couple.These are a couple of my favorites

Dylan Darby - 360 flip at the UOP 10

Brandon Getty - Backside tail at the Dave Wong's Ledge

Terry Silasack - The Infamous Tre Bomb

I was actually there when this 360 flip was filmed, and I still can't really describe the flip of this thing. This really wasn't the gnarliest trick or obstacle, but the flip and the catch was literally one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in person. Terry is a solid dude, and a great skateboarder. I skated with him at Lathrop park today, and the dude just has it. I think we all have great expectations from Mr. Silasack!

Anthony Laniohan: Bangin

This certainly isn't the Berrics, but I had to go ahead and post local dude Anthony's bangin. He did this video for the Berrics, "Bang Yo Self 2," contest. If you haven't skated with Anthony in person, I'll tell you; dude is straight ripper. Next I hear Anthony is dropping a part for the highly anticipated Kingpin Video, if it's anything like this, we should be in for something gnarly.

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Fun Fact: Anthony told me the bangin impression at the end is Kingpin Shop owner Ray.