Friday, September 25, 2009

Brandon Getty Photo

Geo Brooks Photo

Alexis Roldan

I haven't known Alexis too long, but I can say that the kid is definitely has all the makings of a legit skaterat. When I first met this kid he was on right away. He came up to me and asked, "Your riding shotgun right," This dude is up on all the local skaters, and looks up to them rather than the big professional names that are so often looked up to. The best part about this kid is that he is only 10 I believe (If I'm wrong I apologize!!!!). He is already taking snaps and video too.

So for all you dudes out there just peeping the site from the outside... You should be looking up to this kid. He's more likely younger than you and contributing the website. Kids young but he has a bright future in the scene!




Monday, September 21, 2009

Anthony Laniohan @ the SF Library Comp

Less than five minutes ago, I posted Ant's OIAM. I get online and see he has a trick in this 48 blocks montage... RAW!

Library Recap from 48BLOCKS.COM on Vimeo.


The Tokunaga Twist

Max is personally one of my favorite skateboarders to watch in town. This dude really does wreck mini-ramps with an array of both skilled and awkward maneuvers. This is just one of them!


Anthony Laniohan's OIAM Entry

For those of you who are not familar with Slap Magazine's One In a million contest,It is a video contest for the average joe schmoe to post up a video in hopes of being selected to go on a road trip and eventually be chosen to get free gear for a year.

This video was Laniohan's entry. This year was a surprisingly good year for the 209. Alex Lopez made the honorable mention montage, and Schuyler Ricketts, Chuy Madrgrigal, and Adam Emery made it to the finals. You can acutally vote on those dudes vids on right now!!!


antohan from Allen Busenitz on Vimeo.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kenny Osborne's Throwaway Footage

Kenny Osborne is the type of skateboarder that will get footage no matter where you skate. Anytime we go to a spot it is almost a certainty that he is leaving with a clip. Because of this, the footage stacks up quickly. This is just a bunch of stuff that will not make the next slip video.

Kenny Osborne's Throwaway Footy from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

The Stagg Rail is No Joke...

Did you hit your nuts? Yeah a little bit....

no joke.