Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jesse Viera

I get the chance to skate with this kid a lot. It's always pretty mind blowing to watch this kid. His trick selection and his style are always a treat to watch. Then you realize that he's only 14. This is a bunch of footage that I filmed with Jesse a couple weeks ago. hope you guys enjoy.

Jesse Viera from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Geo Brooks

Geo moved from the bay a couple of years ago, and has quickly become a well known and respected person in Stockton's skate scene. Geo is always ready and willing to snap and has a great attitude about life and skateboarding. Geo told me he was into the blog and wanted to get some stuff going asap...

Here it is folks, the photos of Mr. Geo Brooks


Kingpin Memorial Day Contest

Riding Shotgun contributor Daniel Brooks is already a go! He put together this edit from the Kingpin contest. Dude has real high quality stuff. If you need to get some filming done, I'd recommend getting at this kid asap. He has the eye and the gear to get some epic shit going!

Kingpin skate comp 2009 from Daniel Brooks on Vimeo.

FILM CREDIT: Daniel Brooks

Don't really have to report this but...

It was on TV, I'm pretty sure it was in the paper this morning, and your grandma probably asked you about it. Yes it is true that Slip Skate Shop burned down on Friday, but I've talked to Eric a lot since everything happened and Slip will be reopened. No rumors, no bullshit getting started here. Earlier this week Eric left this message on myspace:

"Thanks to Everybody for the kind words and concern for me And Slip.
We will relocate ASAP, Slip will FOR SURE re-open but maybe in a different location.
I have a bunch of New stuff coming in next week, Decks it may be possible to get(sell) you guys stuff from another temporary location.
I will keep everybody up to speed here on myspace as soon as I start to figure stuff out.


Slip is still here, and If anyone wants to get a board from Slip and support Eric during this crazy time, Message me on Myspace and I'll see if we can get you some gear to support a shop that has been a huge part of the local skate scene for a long long time.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nick Johnson Ready to Ride Shotty?

Alright exciting news ladies and gents. I get a call from the Danger Ras and he tells me that he and Nick J were talking about the site. That in itself is pretty dope! Not only that, but Nick said he feels like people think he's done, dead, not skating, whatevs. SOOOO! Vince Tells me that Nick wants to put together a section for Riding Shotgun. I'm psyched,and after reading this you should be too!

Had to post this and get the hype going....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome Back Danger Ras!

After a couple gnarly health issues, Vince Salvi is back on a board. Anyone who knows about Vince, knows He's been at the top of the food chain for a couple years now. Hands down, Vince has been the guy to get the most national attention in Stockton. Not only is the dude a great skateboarder, but an even cooler guy in person.

Vince has been on the blog for a second, and asked me if I just wanted to swing by and film for a day wit him. Naturally, the answer was yes. The next following day, Vince, Ant Laniohan, Mike V, and Myself went out for a full day of filming. This is a day with Vince; Chill vibes, Natty Ice, and some dope skateboarding.

Welcome Back Danger Ras! from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The Wait is over. After weeks and weeks of waiting, the first 100% original content is available for release. If your from Stockton and you skate, you definitely know who Anthony Laniohan is! Anthony is without a doubt one of the most talented and consistently technical skateboarders this city has ever seen. Enough talk, the wait is over.

Riding Shotgun With Anthony Laniohan from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.


Now that Riding Shotgun is slowly catching the attention of the local skateboarding scene, It is time to present you the audience with 100% original online programming.

Since the beginning, Riding Shotgun's aim was to provide a medium for skateboarders to be seen by their peers, and showcase the talent that does exist in this small but growing community. In a time when rumors, shop politics, and he said she said steadily ruin what we are cultivating in our city; Riding Shotgun strives to do whats good for skateboarding in the city of Stockton.

Swollen with pride, I proudly announce the websites first original segment. After what seems like years of hard work and under appreciation, Anthony Laniohan steps forward for the websites first segment, "Riding Shotgun With Anthony Laniohan."

The video should be up and running within the next 48 hours, and we hope you enjoy it. Anthony is a Killer, so the video can only be epic.

Jonathon "Bighead" Rezonable

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will Is On Point!

The footage keeps on coming! Will just keeps churning em out folks. As long as he makes them, I'm going to keep giving the dude his hype! Tune in folks...

sf trip from BOOMBOOMkadut on

gangsta lean from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.


Little by little, local skateboarding just gets better because of posts like this!

Alex Lopez for American Icon

When He's not running Kingpin, Ray also has a wheel company he is running in his free time. So far I've ridden the wheels on a couple guys boards and I can say they are pretty solid wheels.

As for the team riders, Ray has already picked up Joey Johnson and Alex Lopez. Alex is quick to the trigger with this promo. Some of the footage might look a little familiar, but Alex keeps the high quality footage coming.

Alex Lopez American icon wheel co. May 2009 from kingpinss on Vimeo.

Stefan Janoski Kills off Stockton In One Trick

We'll it looks like Stefan Janoski kills off Stockton's gnarliests spot in throw away footage. That kinda sucks. Peep the Waterfront rail in the footy!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucky Bastard!

Getty and Cards at Wallenberg!

He's Not a Stockton Loc, but dude has been a homie for a second

Most of the older dudes from stockton have an Apollo Story. Apollo Cutts is one of the most talented charismatic dudes I've ever come across on my skateboard. He's a real fun dude to be around and this is why...

Now you all will have an Apollo Story...

Lurk Hard with the Lurk-Cam part 2 from LURK HARD on Vimeo.

More Spanos Footy

Will has been killing it on the footage game lately, and supplies us with some mo of it! Levonte was in town last weekend and it was just mania the entire time. This switch back 3 bomb is proof. Also some bangers from Will and Jerry. Enjoy!

levonte wanted footy from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.

Here are some photos from Levonte's visit from Brandon Getty!

Anthony Laniohan Makes it onto Transworld Skateboading's Website

Photo credit: Jason Darneal

This is a little bit of old news, but it is really great to see some Stockton guys getting national attention. If any young guy in Stockton truly deserves any type of media attention it is definitely Anthony. If you haven't seen this guy do his thing on the board prepare yourself!

Later on this week I will post some brand new original footage. It will be the first official Riding Shotgun episode....


I just got done filming with him today, and needless to say, its going to be epic!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jerry Gets Hairy

This is my little dude right here man. I can honestly say this little dude gives me a reason to get stoked at least once a day. Jerry kills it daily with a crazy board control, steez that gets better everyday, and an even better attitude.

Be on the watchout!


heres a taste of what the kid has brewing.

jer-rie-my-uh from BOOMBOOMkadut on Vimeo.

Extended Bangin

Last month I posted a couple videos of Bangins from the last "Bang Yo Self," contest. Kenny Osborne spent three days filming with the homie Allen Bounsouk to produce the bangin that was shown on The Myberrics website. This is the same footage from the berrics with some bonus stuff and some pimp type shit. Roll that bitch!

Extended Bangin from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Back to the Berg

Kenny O, Chris Wilson, Taylor Williams, and Austin Teczon decided to the SF day trip thing and go watch the mayhem at Wallenberg. There is a couple tricks that didn't make Thrashers' final edit. From what I here Jake Phelps was on full dick mode. If you weren't a big name you pretty much got hated on. Here is the clip. Credit Kenny O for the edit and film. Check Jamie Thomas' boots... dude was ready to jump.

Back to the Berg 2009 from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.

Joe Rosa does rides the gun Switch

Alright, short story for everybody out there. So Chris Wilson's homie, Joe Rosa, comes down to the valley with out a board. Soooo, Chris just sets up some jank set-up with a bunch of pretty burly pieces. of all things to skate on a jank set-up Joe goes and skates this set. Not only does he skate it, but he charges this thing switch!

CLACK CLACK! kid rides the shotgun... SWITCH!

Joe Rosa rides shotguns switch from RIDING SHOTGUN on Vimeo.